Free Review & Save £££’s

Find out if you are paying to much for your utility bills

It may not sound the most exciting but this free review with Is My Bill fair could save you hundreds of pounds each year without having to change your utility provider!

Answer a few simple questions and Is My Bill Fair can show you how the price you pay compares to what other people pay – for the same service or package from the same company. We do this by checking your price against the prices paid by people who have previously used the site – finally exposing how prices really compare.

Our people-powered service is completely free and it takes just 60 seconds to see how your price compares, without having to share any personal data.

We will try to get you a fairer deal with your provider.

If you check your price and see you are getting a good deal compared to others then you can now continue using that service confident that you aren’t getting ripped off. But if you see that you’re not getting a fair price, then we can help.

If your provider is already a partner of ours, we will work with them to offer you a fairer price for staying with them, rather than switching away – either online, or by getting them to call you. This is a unique service but is proving really popular – in research, 79% of people agreed “I would prefer to get a better deal from my existing provider rather than having to switch”