Free Willow Wand

Willow Wand will look beautiful in any garden and you can get a willow wand for free.

Known as the Six Week Wonder Tree the Willow Wand is perfect for all gardens. As gardeners we love to see the results of our labours…. and the Willow Wand will give you that in under six weeks!

Each Willow Wand is hand-crafted from 9 living willow stems to create a stunning symmetrical woven stem. All you have to do is plant it, water it and then watch it grow and in as little as six weeks you will have a beautiful topiary crown. The decorative stem never gets any taller (overall length 31cm), just keep trimming the topiary crown to your desired shape and size.

The Willow Wand is normally £5.00 plus £3.99 for P+P but you can get yours free and just pay the post and packing.  Click on the link to claim your Willow Wand.